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American Biker Series - Limited Edition DVD 4 Pack
Includes DVD 5 thru 8
Save $10 off the individual DVD price!
The '90s biker lifestyle was a wild, wide open throttle ride and Easyriders Home Video chronicled all the white-knuckle thrills of this very American phenomenon. Each DVD contains two digitally re-mastered original "Rides of the '90s" Easyriders Home Videos, with nearly two hours of biker fun on each DVD! Take a ride to America's wildest biker runs and rallies, check out the coolest custom bikes, the hottest babes and leg-wettin' humor as only Easyriders can bring it to you!

Here is what you get in the Limited Edition DVD 4 Pack:

DVD #5 - 8
4 pack


"All The Action"

Join the video crew as we go coast to coast with the Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo Tour ending with the Grand National Rodeo Finals in Costa Mesa, California. From there, we putt up to Milwaukee, where we meet Harley-Davidson marketing wiz Clyde Fessler in H-D's top-secret think tank. Is drag racing a manly sport? Not according to Kris Becker, first ever nitro winner. Hear her story and meet other go-fast gals. AND, rockin' music, partyin' bikers, a special 25th Anniversary segment, and rip-roarin' action...just what you'd expect from the best biker video in the universe.

"Daytona Sizzles!!"

Strap on a bucket of suds as Easyriders takes you to the wettest and wildest Daytona Bike Week ever! Feast your eyes on free-lovin' foxes at Daytona's hottest beach-front biker bars, and experience the track-side adrenaline rush of drag racing that will blow your mind! After the ultimate run in the sun, join us in Milwaukee Wisconsin for an exclusive look inside the Harley-Davidson motor factory. Then tear up the streets on a steroid-injected Buell, and take a look inside the mind that created it. All this plus an explosive look at the Easyriders Bike Show Tour, and the world's finest babes doin' their thing to hard rockin' tunes! The Daytona Special is a keeper!


"Best Parties On The Planet"

We scoured the country to bring you the hottest parties on the planet. This video features the Laughlin River Run, Myrtle Beach Rally, the Bridgeport Jamboree, and the Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater Texas. Watch for the "Mystery Event"-it's wild. Master builder Lee Clemons takes us to the drags. There is a ball-bustin' bit with sex flick star Anna Malle, and we wrap this puppy with "Giant Thing" from the band The Sleepwalkers. It's bitchin'-buy it, watch it, and ride forever!

"Outrageous Sturgis!"

Here it is, the most outrageous Sturgis Spectacular you've ever seen! Hot, sensuous women and BIKES, BIKES, BIKES! There's enough drag strip action, bike show madness, and Black Hills cruisin" to melt your TV. Plus ice cold beer, clear skies, bouncin' boobs, and more crap goin' on than we've got space to list. South Dakota sweetie Brittney Fox attacks the locals. See hardened bikers become speechless in her presence. Ride along as we check out Love Ride 13, then tear down to Del Mar, California, for all the action-and an interview with H-D #1 plate holder Scotty Parker. Go inside JIMS Machining and meet Jim himself. Sit back, grab a cold one, and enjoy all the heart-stopping women, tunes, and bikes we could pack into one video.


"Rolling Thunder 10"

This video takes you to our nation's capitol for Rolling Thunder 10, a red, white, and blue tribute to our vets. Blast down with us to Santa Rosa, California, for the throttle-twistin' climax of the Easyriders Rodeo Grand Nationals. Party 'til ya pass out with legendary biker artist David Mann who gets hitched in a double-trouble wedding. Check out the luscious ladies of the Exotic Dancer Run. Rock 'til you drop with some two-wheeled tunes! It's a white-line, full-throttle ride without a net. Let's roll!

"Bustin' At The Seams"

This video ought to keep ya occupied for a while! We've got righteous coverage of the 57th Black Hills Classic, the return of the Wild Ones to Hollister, the 20th Annual Redwood Run, a frozen Toy Run in Chicago, and our own Easyriders Invitational Bike Show in Columbus, Ohio. There's outrageous bike jokes, and a rockin' tune from the Fried Brothers Band. It's more excitement than a weasel in a sack, so stick this thing in your video deck and let's get movin'.


"The Carnage Continues"

Here it is you fanatics, our extended coverage of one of America's hottest parties, Daytona Bike Week! That's right-miles of sandy beaches, white hot asphalt, the wettest bars, and a boatload of the sexiest babes thrown in for good measure. If it was out there, it's in here! Hey tech heads, we cover everything from cam to rocker arm installation, featuring the guys and tools of JIMS Machining. Then hit the road as we party at the granddaddy of our Bike Show Tour, the Easyriders Invitational in Columbus, Ohio. Don't miss Beatnik's fresh new biker polka tune titled "The Zoo." This one's a non-stop party with rockin' tunes, outrageous antics, and, of course, the most bodacious babes on the planet. You need this video!

Preview Video Trailer coming soon!

"Super Hot"

You're gonna dig this monster edition of Easyriders video magazine! The Laughlin River Run is hot, hot, hot. Harley throws a 95th Anniversary party in a storm and it blows the house down! The Gulfport Blowout was steamier than ever, and Peter Fonda comes to the aid of a downed bro in Washington. We take you behind the scenes with Harley's VR-1000 race team and show you a trick tech with Primo's new 3-inch belt drive. There's kickin' music, and sizzlin' babes galore! It's a party in a box so what are ya waitin' for?


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