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American Biker Series – Limited Edition Easyriders DVD #12

The Easyriders American Biker Series - 2 Full length videos on one DVD

By popular demand, Easyriders is proud to present the Easyriders Video series on DVD. This exciting DVD set includes:

"Land Speed Record Run"

After three days of intense wrenching and suspense equal to that of an Apollo launch, the Streamliner had worked it's way from a shakedown half-throttle run of 264 mph to speeds right at the 300 mph mark. Along the way, it netted a new class record of 284 mph.

With time running short and bad weather closing in, rider Dave Campos entered the timed mile and disaster struck. The front tire started coming apart and spun the Liner into a hair-raising roll-and-slide for another half-mile. Dave walked away without a scratch, and the Liner had only body and paint damage. But we knew, that the elusive Kawasaki record had escaped us again.

We were down-but not out! Just as General McArthur said at Bataan, "We shall return."

Preview Video Trailer coming soon!

"New Land Speed Record: 322 MPH"

Like anything worth doing, breaking a Land Speed Record ain't easy. We were reminded of that fact repeatedly during the 16 days spent at Bonneville in 1990.

We wore out tires, parachutes, engines, transmission gears, and brakes, ran out of spark plugs, chains, oil, and fuel, and even blew a piston out of the tow car! About the only thing that didn't give up was the team spirit of the crew.

This full-length documentary powerfully captures it all: the spectacular crash (that almost ended it all), the excitement, the frustration, and the dedication-from Day One to the Final Victory!

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DVDs are NTSC formatted for US/Canada DVD players. Not PAL (European/Australian) compatible.

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